Gyunggi Fashion Creative Studio
GFCS introduction

Gyunggi Fashion Creative Studio is an institution that provides a stepping stone to the development of a successful brand by providing design creative spaces to promising brilliant designers who are financially limited and supports training of a bright manpower through generating and discovering personnel from freelancers, individual entrepreneurs and the unemployed of the fashion industry.
Support Programs

① Free support of creative space
- Support matters within the creative space: pattern dyes, sewing machines, iron pans, computer tables, cabinets, clothing storage, hangers, etc.,

② Support of public utilities: Special machine sewing room, resource room, photo studio, seminar room, buyer consultation room, dining room, shower room, lounge, etc.,

③ Financial support: Creative activity cost support depending on the activity evaluation (maximum of 7 million won support a year)

④ Promotional support: Distribution of special articles, national and international promotion support

⑤ Domestic and Foreign Market support for new market opening
- Domestic: support for participating in fashion shows and exhibitions, pop-up events in famous department stores, support in online and offline distribution networks
- International: support for participating in fashion shows and exhibitions

⑥ Other supports
- Sewing support: sewing support for 5 clothes a year per stay-in designer, sewer resident support once a week
- Brand Consulting support: brand consulting through organized experts
- Education Business support: support and progress of education seminars in fashion, international sales, labor, law, tax, application and intellectual property rights
- Transportation support: Dongdaemun, Sinsadong↔ creative studio rush order support (delivery for fabric and subsidiary materials)
- Other support: connecting support like the Gyunggi Knitted Collaboration fashion show and Yangju Cotton Fiber Festival fashion show